Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th, 2009

It has been a while since I have posted. It is not for any particular reason, I have been moving forward with my fitness. I guess I really just did not have anything Earth shattering to say or more than that I think I was getting bored, which in turn, leads to not getting results. Needless to say, that all ended today. Why you ask? One word answer...INSANITY.

Today was my fit test for the next 60 day journey towards Insanity. This program is like nothing I have ever seen before. A very similar experience to when I first came across the sensation of P90X. And it has motivated me in much the same way. I had to “prepare” for this journey. More mentally than physically. I believe that physically most anything can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance. However, mental barriers (to me at least) seem insurmountable. I can honestly say, for the very first time, the way I will look in 60 days is not going to amount to a hill of beans. My goals for the first time are not aesthetic, they are mental. How far can I push? What are my limits? Can I be better today than I was yesterday?

Those questions are looming someplace in my future. Am I worried? Not really, I will concentrate on today. It’s the next exercise, the next meal, the next step. One at a time, the next better than the last. That’s motivation to me and Insanity will bring that to me, whether I want it or not. That’s just the nature of this beast. I can only hope that others are able to try and push to their own limits. It’s an AWESOME feeling.

So here is my nutrition for today.

As I turn in for the night, this becomes the past and my focus turns towards tomorrow. It was a great day and one that I will cherish. There lies ahead of me 59 more days. 59 more experiences, 59 chances to be my very best. Please join me if you will only become better.

Have a great evening.

All my very best,