Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 24 workout(s) and nutrition...

I had a unexpected wrinkle to the schedule yesterday. I got to sleep late on the 23rd because of a little get together at the house. I really have become a firm believer in getting the required sleep I need no matter the outcome it may reflect on my workouts. As most of you are now aware, I really despise the late-afternoon workout. I usually end up putting them off and not doing them at all. That all being said, I had no choice on the 24th. I awoke at 6:25 am, which is an hour before I have to go to work. This time constraint does not leave a considerable amount of time to workout (usually 35-40 minutes), eat, shower, prepare meals, get dressed and kiss my wife and son goodbye. Therefore, I had relegated myself to the fact that I would be doing a late-afternoon FRIDAY workout. Definitely not cool! Shortly after I had put my feet on the floor for the day, I remembered a workout that I could do in roughly 20 minutes that was a killer cardiovascular beast. Excitedly, I hopped on my treadmill barefooted (I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!!) and pushed out a great workout. Here's how it went:

Set incline to 0% and warm-up for 3 minutes working up to 4.0 mph

After the warm-up the interval cycles go as follows at 4.0 mph:

2% incline for 1 minute
0% incline for 2 minutes
4% incline for 1 minute
2% incline for 2 minutes
6% incline for 1 minute
4% incline for 2 minutes
8% incline for 1 minute
6% incline for 2 minutes
10% incline for 1 minute
8% incline for 2 minutes

Cool down for 3 minutes at 3.0-3.5 mph.

TOTAL WORKOUT TIME = 21 minutes.

The twenty minutes difference in workout time really benefited me. I got a good workout in and still had time to do all the things I needed to do to prepare myself for the day. Plus, my mood was much better and I had more energy to start my day. The great part is I still ended up coming home and doing my evening workout as scheduled. In the end, I had done 2 workouts and felt no worse the wear for it. Usually, I do not recommend 2-a-days. They are exhausting and are prone to leaving people feeling burned out and injured. I try my best to stay with whatever program I am doing to the letter as to how it was written. Bigger and better fitness minds than myself took the time and research to develop the program the least I can do is follow their recommendations.

Nutrition for the day went very well. I have had the inclination lately, although not wanting this, to not eat as much as I should by midday. By the time I leave work there really should only be room for my dinner and one small snack. However, lately I have left for the day only consuming 1000-1100 calories. That quite a burden on my body after 6 pm to have to ingest, then digest before bed at a reasonable hour. It is definitely a tweak I can work on. I mean who can really complain about having to eat more. Regardless, here's the nutrition for the day:

I have been real happy with my journey as of late. I know that I type the saying all the time but it really has been "one workout, one meal and one pound at a time."

All my very best,


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