Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th nutriton and workout

Hello just another day in paradise here. Today's workout was Burn Circuit 1. I love this workout because it focuses mostly on the chest and shoulders. In the 40 minutes I was downstairs today, I must have soaked that small hand towel of mine. The sweat was just pouring off of me. It seemed like the set could not end soon enough so I could towel off. All that work really prepared me for a day of good nutrition. That is one of the things that motivates me to stay on track. A common theme I hear from people is, "I worked out really hard, this piece of (insert bad food here) won't hurt." or "I'm going to the gym later so this little piece of (insert bad food here) won't even count." The problem is...IT ALL COUNTS!! I know, I sound like a food Nazi. Honestly, that's just the plain and simple truth.

Recently, I have had a very focused concept of nutrition and I go about my merry way with things. People have become used to seeing me at work with my little blender and my chicken breasts with veggies. It's just who I am. The best part is I refuse to judge or begrudge people the things they want to eat. It's rude and unfair if I were to do so. What you do, is your business. If you feel bad about not eating right because you see others eating right is not their fault. I am asked quite often at work by people, "Is this food bad for you?" "Should I not eat this or that?" My answer is always the same.

"It depends. If you REALLY want it then eat it. I try not to tell people what they can and cannot eat. If you think it's bad for you, chances are you are right."

But I will say this, the world sure would stink without cookies!! Period, end of sentence. I love me a good cookie and I always will. There is no better treat in my humble opinion. However for where I want to be in my fitness and nutrition journey, it's just not in the cards. I'm not saying I am NEVER going to have a cookie again...that's foolish. Of course, I am and when I do I am going to LOVE IT!! There is a very simple formula to this whole fitness thing:


So, go out there and find your success and make a plan that works for you. Here's my nutrition for the day:

All my very best,


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