Friday, October 31, 2008

I know it's Halloween but all this sugar scares me...

It's not just because I have a 4 year old. For the most part, I can control him and his sugar intake. The only time it's out of my hands is when he's with my sister, sister-in-laws or grandparents. You know what, that's when he is supposed to get things he normally does not get from us. This post is going to seem to have a rose colored, save the whales (no pun intended) kind of vibe to it.

I'm more concerned about my co-workers, friends, family and just people in general I see on the street, in the mall and in their cars. These are the people that cannot seem to control themselves and they are making themselves sick. Is it truly any of my damn business? Well, no actually. However since I made some changes in my life and found that it was not all that difficult, I really get a kick out of supporting more people in doing it. Mostly those that think or have been told that they cannot.

The people that tell me my whole fitness and eating right thing is "just not for them" or "means that they cannot live their own life" can keep on walking right along with that blissful ignorance to that early health problem or whatever other problem it may be. That's just fine and dandy and I sincerely want what is best for THEM. And you know what, even when they come back some time later and ask for information I still give it to them and will back them 100 percent.

Back to the topic at hand...SUGAR. Is it all bad? No. Can you still eat it? Yes, you kind of have to, it's in just about everything in some form or another. Does that make Ho-Ho's and Ding-dong's healthy? NOT EVEN CLOSE! Believe it or not that's the rationale some choose to follow. When sugar or simple carbohydrates are at there scariest is with those people that have Early or Adult onset Type 2 Diabetes. Unbelievably, these are the people most likely to have problems with eating the stuff. Consciously or not. These are also a large group of people that are told there is nothing they can do for themselves, other than live with eating celery and water and watching their sugars constantly. Can you believe I know someone that was told by their doctor, no less, they would just have to live with the current weight they are and that things cannot change for them? WRONG!!! I'm not a physician, or even a physician assistant [at least not yet, please pray for my good fortune at my interview with UNE on 11/8/08!!! ;-) ], and I couldn't imagine giving someone such a lack of hope for what can be for some such a controllable disease. There I was, shocked after hearing this, trying to think of an answer and then I read Carl's blog. I'll paste some of it here for you. The numbers shocked me and the plan inspired me even more.

Nearly 24 million Americans, 8 percent of the population, have Type 2 diabetes, which can lead to kidney failure, blindness and heart disease.

Current guidelines say doctors should prescribe metformin (about $30 a month) to lower blood sugar in newly diagnosed patients and urge them to eat healthy food and get more exercise. Other drugs can be added later, on top of metformin, to help patients who don't meet blood sugar goals. The updated guidelines don't include Avandia, which costs about $225 a month.

Dr. Susan Spratt, an endocrinologist at Duke University Medical Center, said she prescribes whatever it takes to lower her patients' future risk of blindness and amputations. That can mean coupling more costly drugs with metformin to hit blood sugar goals.

Ok... $225 for patients "who don't meet blood sugar goals"... to lower risks of blindness and amputation. Seems worth $2,700 a year. So does some change to diet and exercise.

For $99.95 - one time - Kathy Smith's Project You for Type 2 will help someone "meet their blood sugar goals" with exercise and diet. The American Diabetes Association saw the need for this type of product, and co-produced the program with Beachbody.

If you are a coach, this should make it difficult to sleep. Be relentless about getting the word out about this. RELENTLESS. People you know have diabetes. Or there are people you know who know people who have diabetes. Their are education groups. There are doctors. THEY ALL NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE SOLUTION, CREATED IN COLLABORATION WITH THE ADA!

This is the ONLY product of its kind on the market. We could give every diabetic in the country this program for $2.5 Billion - one time - versus the $12.5 Billion spent on drugs in 2007 alone! People can save $10 Billion -- $2,700 a year for each person who uses lifestyle change with this program to avoid stepping up to Avandia.

It's amazing to me that we are in this position, but lifestyle change really is that hard. That's what is so powerful about the effect of peer support; friends helping friends. That's how change happens. That's why you are the solution!

Yes, we ALL can be part of the solution. Tell your friends that there is a way. Have them contact me at Tell your physician to contact me if they don't believe you. WE need to help solve this problem, it is worth it. To read the whole article on the numbers and costs surrounding Diabetes you can go here.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Been a loooong time...

Since I really have no time on my hands, I figured this would be the best time to start blogging again. Because nothing says "complete freak" quite like adding one more thing to do in an otherwise jammed pack day.

Actually, I am going to try and log on here as often as I can. Just to journal and remove some of the clutter from my head. If I see an interesting thing, go on a really picturesque run, have a complete meltdown or want to boast about my son I'm sure you all, that's right all 6 of you, will hear about it.

This post gets the ball rolling....I'll see where it goes from here.

All my best,