Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poetry on parade...

I am quite aware of the level of my it borders on hilariously gawd awful. That just fine by me!! I do not make my living by writing; nor do I wish to be lauded by fellow poets. I personally like to laugh and relive old memories from time to time. So, I have dug out another gem (cough, cough!) from my stack of poems and I wish to share. So please enjoy, laugh, mock, be moved to tears (from the smell), whatever you heart desires...just read:

The Course

Sailing on the dreamscape with a mind full of visions
under the gaze of the midnight sun
Distant dreams and hopes fill the sails
as you are guided by the stars
set away from reality's confining rails

Drifting on the winds of change
seeking a salvation that is second to none
Carried away by the waves
the destination known only to one
To a place where you can live and dream free

Outward bound to an inner peace
Hoping the course you set was right
You search the depths of your soul
surfacing from the darkness into the light
and what once was empty now fills whole

And the course shimmers and shines
reflecting an illusion off the surface
follow it and search deep
for there lies the purpose.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Midnight Matinee

While watching AMC (I think) the other night I ran across a documentary movie about the cult following of the "midnight" movie, you may know some of them like, Rocky Horror and Eraserhead. Man, did this flood back some youthful memories into my head that I had almost forgotten about.

My favorite, in high school at least, was always the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think it was a generational thing or maybe just the fact that the theater in Portland that we went to only showed this one film. I didn't stumble onto Eraserhead until after I had seen Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet. (I will be doing my David Lynch tribute at some point!)

Anywhoo, the friends that I had in high school somehow all convinced our parents that this was just fine entertainment for us to attend on a Friday or Staurday night. Understanding the story was not the idea...the escape was the best part og the evening. We didn't do the whole dress up in costume..although, with my looks and glasses I was Brad personified anyway! They didn't make them much geekier than I back in the day.

So there we were...toast, paper, rice,water guns...whatever we could get our hands on waiting to cram into a small fifty to sixty seat theater. It was an "artsy" theater. It had that musty theater smell (probably left over from the previous week's shows), sticky floors (don't know why...don't want to know), and a fabulously outdated sound system. It was the type of theater that shows the movies that you see often on IFC, how times have changed! Once the ok was given we would dash through the curtains (yes curtains, no doors!) and make our way towards our seats to lose ourselves for the next two, or so, hours.

Now everyone has their own experiences at Rocky Horror, so to try to explain it is almost pointless. Even between my group of friends we all got something different from the weekly experience. I can tell you that during my time in the theater it was not about who you are, where you were from, how popular you were (or were not) just mattered and that was incredible. That feeling would last until the middle of the next week, or at least until the buzz from the liter and a half of Denny's coffee wore off.

I know a few years back they tried to rekindle the popularity of the midnight matinee and had a Halloween showing at midnight at a larger theater with a stage and etc. I didn't go, and to the best of my knowledge, neither did any of the group of friends from my younger days. I truly do not think it was from lack of interest...I think it was due to a lack of true feeling.

Friday, June 23, 2006

the best news of the day...

Rarely do I venture down the chinese "fast-food" track, but today I was feeling like I needed to feed that need.

So, after my fried rice lunch today the cookie reads:

You are talented in many ways
Well damn, how can it be a bad day after that?

The art of the mix tape

I have had the unfortunate pleasure, at times, to be the hopeless romantic. Lost in a world of deep caring thoughts, tugging of the heart strings, dreams of splendid love-making, candle-lit dinners, and the list could go on and on. Then, of course, what you end up with is the petty fights, strain and an eventual broken heart, burnt mac and cheese and incredibly awesome break-up sex. Ok, at least there can be one positive.

Over the course of time in this type of relationship there usually was some sort of orchestrated show of love through music...otherwise known as the mix tape. This collection of random songs was supposed to show you deep rooted affection and knowledge of your partner, a memento to remember you and your relationship...always and forever (Thank you, Peaches and Herb).

It must be said that there is a definite art to the creation of a mix tape. I personally still have two of the best mixes ever made for me from the best relationships of my life. Both are crafted with what appeared to be a great sense of where each relationship stood at the time and has enclosed for me how these people really felt. This begs the question, can a formula be written to insure a perfect mix tape every time no matter the occasion? I strongly say....I don't know, but I do know some things to avoid.

First off, let me me say a HATE mix tape is the easiest to make. Any chump (man or woman) with an ounce of venom in their soul can be a truly mean-spirited bastard and rip a person's heart out with a bunch of malicious songs...I am talking songs from the Cure, PiL, Morrissey, or any other depressed laden 80's music. The heart felt mix tape...that takes some talent and chutzpah, especially when the tape is being used to define your relationship.

Some suggested guidelines

  1. Limit you tape, CD, mp3s to no more than 12 to 15 songs...any more than that and it could become diluted.
  2. For the love of all that is NOT start your mix with "the song" that defines your relationship. Put that song somewhere near the mid-point or last 3/4 of the mix, this is like a good book (or sex for that matter) you have to build to a climax!!
  3. Begin with something up beat that reminds you of a great unique time that you had together. For example: a song you heard on your first road trip together...I mean, who doesn't remember the first time they sang "It's the end of the world as we know it" by REM , "Walking on sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, or "Roll to Me" by Del Amiti with the windows rolled down screaming at the top of your lungs!! Who cares if you really like the're remembering the time.
  4. Remember these songs don't have to be current catalog favorites...almost all women, and some men, love to hear Etta James sing "At Last"!
  5. If you have the access to infuse quick stories or your voice in the tape (clips NOT SPEECHES), then do it. Nothing personalizes this mix more than your own voice. Granted you're probably not a fantastic DJ, but it's the effort of possibly making a complete ass of yourself that they'll enjoy.
  6. And finally, relax and enjoy the process...if you don't like the mix it can be recorded over.

Well, that's all I have to say. Hope some of you may have some thoughts of some of your favorite mixes that you either received or made.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The wonderful world of GAWD awful poetry....

I was rooting through some of the collections of things I have stored away over the years, which is something that never seems to grows triesome. I happened to come across my long, lost addiction to grasp the world by the throat...poetry. I used to enter every contest I attempts to get published were legendary!!! Well, at least to me. I owe it all to my 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. J.

She was the classic "crunchy", clog and summer dress wearing teacher that taught us to expand our minds in the pages of books, music, and writing. I still love her supportful nature and can't count the number of dreadful peoms I must have sent across that marred oak desk. She would even stay after school so that we could read them to her...becuase she would tell us, "that's when poetry has its strongest effect." Wow, just writing this reminds me of how smitten I was with her.

With those thoughts in mind, I figured I would put it all out there and share some of my poems. Most of which were place on paper from the years of 1986 - 1990. Youth on parade, with a grand view of how I thought things should be! Are they any good? I don't know...maybe to someone. All you can do is put yourself out there for the least I know it makes me laugh a little.

Here goes........

Moving On

On a cold winter's night,
I last saw your face.
Remembering the talk of the time,
and yes,
I remember the place.
Your innoncence as white as the snow that fell,
and a grace that warm even the coldest night.
Leaving that behind just didn't seem fair,
it just wasn't right.

Sending a distant gaze to the evening sky,
to the brightest star.
I wonder if you can feel me,
and that I know where you are.
These memories will never leave me.
They haunt me everyday,
making me want to scream into the night,
to give up today and live for yesterday.

I need to get back to that place.
I've got to stop this madness of being alone.
Staring at the shadows,
sitting, and waiting for the ring of the phone.
Never once asking myself the question,
"Is this right for me?"

It's always so strange how we keep reaching,
for the things we may never hear or see.