Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th, 2009

It has been a while since I have posted. It is not for any particular reason, I have been moving forward with my fitness. I guess I really just did not have anything Earth shattering to say or more than that I think I was getting bored, which in turn, leads to not getting results. Needless to say, that all ended today. Why you ask? One word answer...INSANITY.

Today was my fit test for the next 60 day journey towards Insanity. This program is like nothing I have ever seen before. A very similar experience to when I first came across the sensation of P90X. And it has motivated me in much the same way. I had to “prepare” for this journey. More mentally than physically. I believe that physically most anything can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance. However, mental barriers (to me at least) seem insurmountable. I can honestly say, for the very first time, the way I will look in 60 days is not going to amount to a hill of beans. My goals for the first time are not aesthetic, they are mental. How far can I push? What are my limits? Can I be better today than I was yesterday?

Those questions are looming someplace in my future. Am I worried? Not really, I will concentrate on today. It’s the next exercise, the next meal, the next step. One at a time, the next better than the last. That’s motivation to me and Insanity will bring that to me, whether I want it or not. That’s just the nature of this beast. I can only hope that others are able to try and push to their own limits. It’s an AWESOME feeling.

So here is my nutrition for today.

As I turn in for the night, this becomes the past and my focus turns towards tomorrow. It was a great day and one that I will cherish. There lies ahead of me 59 more days. 59 more experiences, 59 chances to be my very best. Please join me if you will only become better.

Have a great evening.

All my very best,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Here To There; Visualizing Your Fitness Goals Like You Are Looking At A Mountain Peak

I could not have said it better myself. Mike is a true inspiration and friend...

You know what you want to achieve physically. You have set your Fitness goals. You have been specific. You have sought out a source of the combination of Fitness Tools (Beachbody Fitness Programs)that will get you there. (Intense workouts, proper nutrition, & effective supplementation)

You feel like you are standing at the base of a HUGE Mountain. You can see the Summit (Achieving your Fitness Goals) from where you are standing. You also can clearly see that there will be a tremendous amount of work involved in achieving those goals. Fitness success does not happen overnight. It takes patience, discipline, consistency, passion, and grit.

Working hard during your daily workout (If you are doing more than one workout per day, try working harder on your 1st workout of the day and you will not need a 2nd. ESPECIALLY if you are doing an extreme Fitness program like P90X or INSANITY), eat clean burning fuel that is workable in daily life and you can enjoy your entire life. Finally, use quality supplements (Like Beachbody's Supplements) to "fill in the gaps" of your Nutrition program. As hard as we try to eat a large variety of foods, we can almost never get all of the quality nutrients from just the food that we consume on a daily basis.

Think about it, you could be 6 weeks (Slimin6), 60 days (INSANITY), or 90 days (Hip Hop Abs, P90, P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme) away from your Fitness goals! That is a drop in the bucket time wise in the larger picture of our lifetime. If you aren't excited by that, you need to get back on the couch and break open that bag of Doritos.... ;-) (Don't do that, you are better than that!) :-)

Each new day is a gift in the fact that we have a chance to move that much closer to the Summit of our own personal Mountain. (Achieving our Fitness goals)

Stop over thinking your nutrition, thinking that variety in your Fitness is something that you HAVE to have or you won't make Fitness Progress (Stick to a Beachbody workout as its laid out in the program guide. When you have achieved or are close to your Fitness goals, then you can start mixing things up)
Sometimes too much variety is a bad thing. (If you are mixing up P90X with INSANITY already, you would be MUCH better off choosing a single Fitness Program and giving it 100% of your effort)

Take each day as it comes, do your best, and ask yourself one question at the end of each day:

"Did I give my best effort and move a little closer to achieving my Fitness goals today?"

Live Strong ~ Live Lean


Thanks for the encouraging words, Mike.

All my very best,

July 24 workout(s) and nutrition...

I had a unexpected wrinkle to the schedule yesterday. I got to sleep late on the 23rd because of a little get together at the house. I really have become a firm believer in getting the required sleep I need no matter the outcome it may reflect on my workouts. As most of you are now aware, I really despise the late-afternoon workout. I usually end up putting them off and not doing them at all. That all being said, I had no choice on the 24th. I awoke at 6:25 am, which is an hour before I have to go to work. This time constraint does not leave a considerable amount of time to workout (usually 35-40 minutes), eat, shower, prepare meals, get dressed and kiss my wife and son goodbye. Therefore, I had relegated myself to the fact that I would be doing a late-afternoon FRIDAY workout. Definitely not cool! Shortly after I had put my feet on the floor for the day, I remembered a workout that I could do in roughly 20 minutes that was a killer cardiovascular beast. Excitedly, I hopped on my treadmill barefooted (I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!!) and pushed out a great workout. Here's how it went:

Set incline to 0% and warm-up for 3 minutes working up to 4.0 mph

After the warm-up the interval cycles go as follows at 4.0 mph:

2% incline for 1 minute
0% incline for 2 minutes
4% incline for 1 minute
2% incline for 2 minutes
6% incline for 1 minute
4% incline for 2 minutes
8% incline for 1 minute
6% incline for 2 minutes
10% incline for 1 minute
8% incline for 2 minutes

Cool down for 3 minutes at 3.0-3.5 mph.

TOTAL WORKOUT TIME = 21 minutes.

The twenty minutes difference in workout time really benefited me. I got a good workout in and still had time to do all the things I needed to do to prepare myself for the day. Plus, my mood was much better and I had more energy to start my day. The great part is I still ended up coming home and doing my evening workout as scheduled. In the end, I had done 2 workouts and felt no worse the wear for it. Usually, I do not recommend 2-a-days. They are exhausting and are prone to leaving people feeling burned out and injured. I try my best to stay with whatever program I am doing to the letter as to how it was written. Bigger and better fitness minds than myself took the time and research to develop the program the least I can do is follow their recommendations.

Nutrition for the day went very well. I have had the inclination lately, although not wanting this, to not eat as much as I should by midday. By the time I leave work there really should only be room for my dinner and one small snack. However, lately I have left for the day only consuming 1000-1100 calories. That quite a burden on my body after 6 pm to have to ingest, then digest before bed at a reasonable hour. It is definitely a tweak I can work on. I mean who can really complain about having to eat more. Regardless, here's the nutrition for the day:

I have been real happy with my journey as of late. I know that I type the saying all the time but it really has been "one workout, one meal and one pound at a time."

All my very best,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22nd workout and nutrition

Today was another solid day downstairs at the gym. I love my basement, mostly because it has become my sanctuary of sorts. It is where I get away from everything and concentrate on me. Please do not misunderstand, it's not an ego thing. EVERYONE needs their alone time and mine is that 30-45 minutes 6 days a week in that small room with my DVD's and weights. Granted I have many other interests and hobbies but it usually involves other people. My workouts are solitary. That is just the way I like it.

Today's workout was the 3rd week of Burn Circuit 2. It was a very intense 40 minutes and I really pushed this morning. I am starting to get a rhythm with these workouts. The familiar moves are starting to pay dividends. It's too bad, in some ways, that next week it will all mix up again and I will have a new set of routines to conquer. It's that change that leads to growth and a lack or boredom.

Since I have to work early tomorrow my cardio will have to be pushed back to around 6pm. Not the best scenario, but a manageable one. Again, it's a change that can be dealt with and will give me something to focus on. Especially, since there will be a jewelery party going on upstairs. That I need a welcome distraction's just not my cup of tea.

Nutrition was right where I needed it to be. With Caleb's T-ball game tonight dinner was a grab and go. but, healthy nonetheless. Other than that, everything looks on target for what I am trying to accomplish. Here are the numbers from today:

Have a great evening everyone. Keep pushing play.

All my very best,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21st nutrition

Not really much to say today. It was a rest day on the workout front. Work was, well, work. My nutrition is back on track after my birthday yesterday. The only thing I decided to do yesterday was have a few cocktails at dinner, other than that the day was spot on. Did it effect me? Not really, you have to enjoy life as it comes. You understand your decisions and move forward. No big deal.

Here's the nutrition from today. Again, a good day on many levels.

Keep pushing forward and keep your focus sharp. The rest will take care of itself.

All my very best,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 18th nutrition and workout

I am posting this not a bit delayed from yesterday, but better late than never. The workout for today was Burn Circuit 3 and man, did it burn today. I increased the weight on almost every exercise and went to the required failure rep of 12 as well. What this means is that next week will be a bear. I will be increasing the weights again next week in an attempt to start failing at 10 reps. It's something to look forward to, I guess. Sometimes this fitness stuff can turn into more of a mental struggle than it can a physical one. It's not so much about the amount of weight but fighting with your mind that your body is capable of lifting that amount of weight. A great saying on the DVD is, "Give me 10% more, now." The battle that ensues is amazing. You fight with yourself about it, but in the end usually you have it to give. People usually give up WAY before their body's ever will. Finding that balance is one of the keys to reaching your goals.

As far as nutrition goes, it was a low day again. I was surprised by my sister and she took my son for a sleepover and left me to my own devices last night. It was a great time. I went to visit an old friend and catch-up, before I left I had my "dinner" and then headed off. I got home at around 11-ish and it was time for bed. I did not really feel hungry and therefore did not eat anything else. It happens and that's cool. Yes, eating on a planned schedule is a very good way to keep you on target with your nutrition. However the reality is that last night while I was having great conversation and listening to stories of old and new, the last thing on my mind was whether or not I got the right amount of protein, carbs and fat in for the day. I knew that up until going to my friends my intake for the day was pretty spot on. I wasn't hungry, so I did not eat. Simple. Again, find your balance, it's what will keep you doing this for a lifetime instead of 2 weeks.

Here's my intake for the day:

Keep your balance in your journey. Keep focused and the happiness will follow. One workout, one meal and one pound at a time.

All my very best,

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17th nutriton and workout

Well, after yesterday's sickness things could only get better today. I took in a bunch of rest yesterday and really just laid around and tried to eat what I could. It's tough when you are sick to stay on par with your normal routine, no matter what that may be, and do all the activities you have to in a day. I took the day for what it was worth and feed my body the best food that I could stomach; also, it's pretty tough to eat when you are asleep for 12 plus hours.

Today was a completely different story. I still felt a bit sluggish in the morning when I woke up. I shook of the tiredness and hit the day with my normal fervor. I committed to my nutrition from the get go knowing that yesterday was a "light day" at best. I slept in to give myself time to recover knowing that I would have the dreaded "evening workout" after a long day at work. I put it in my planner and scheduled it ahead of time. The clock was mine from 6pm - 7pm. NO IFs, ANDs or BUTs!! That was just the way it was going to be and my family, in true incredible fashion, was completely understanding.

Tonight's workout was Burn Intervals, a completely exhausting workout and left me asking for mercy at the end. I overcame a couple of mental hurdles and ended up with a fantastic workout and something to be proud of...another day in the books. It really is one workout at a time, one meal at a time, one pound at a time. Those goals are so attainable for anyone and something to really hang your hat on.

Here's my nutrition for the day:

Keep moving your journey forward. Keep pushing play!!

All my very best,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th nutrition and workout

Today's workout was Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2. Another great 40 minutes of working out and you feel it during the entire workout. When it's over you cannot believe that you only spent that short amount of time and worked up that much sweat. What a great feeling. I have notice a slight strength gain and some of the moves are becoming more fluid. I have never really trained two (sometime three) body parts at the same time. The balance required in some of the exercises is amazing. Chalene Johnson really put together a GREAT program. I am excited to hit the next phase in 2 weeks time.

Nutrition was solid again today. Protein looks a bit low, but I did the math and it's well within the 0.8 - 1.0 grams per body weight ratio. And honestly, even if it was not, there isn't much I can do about it now. Tonight was rather hectic with Caleb's Tee-ball and then having to go "find" dinner. That's never a good option because usually people find the worst possible food. I settled on a Subway salad. No need for bread after 8pm, fresh veggies and a good source of lean protein. Not too shabby.

Well, here today's intake:

Oh and the best part about today was coming home and seeing this....

I WILL be at my best before I start this...I'm going to have to be!!

All my very best,

July 14th nutrition

Today was not that bad for nutrition and it was a rest day for my workout. I finally figured out one of my "triggers". It is ANGER. This emotion completely takes me out of my normal element. When I get irritated it is similar to me just throwing up my hands and giving up. I have no time to think about the consequences or any side effects of my actions. I really had to fight through this anger yesterday and had a minor slip (the sandwich at the end of the day). no need obsessing over it, it happened, but know I know why. That is the best part about it because now the next time I will know exactly what to do. Here's my nutrition for the 14th:

Please keep pushing play, moving forward and most importantly having fun.

All my best,